Cullinan Jewelry

About Us

Guangzhou Cullinan Jewelry Co.,Ltd is located in the beautiful "flower city" Guangzhou China, is a collection of design, research and development, silver jewelry production enterprise. The company now has 1600 square meters of air conditioning production plant; It has a design and development team of 20 people and a production and sales team of 150 people. The annual production capacity is about 1.8 million pieces, the annual output value is over 55 million, the product sales throughout Europe and the United States, Russia, southeast Asia, China Hong Kong, China Taiwan and other countries and regions.
Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the production concept of "quality first, customer first", and has always taken "quality" as the priority of the company's work. At the same time, through the unremitting efforts of all colleagues in the company, continuous technical reform, the company's product quality has shown a linear rise, but also for the company's product sales and brand promotion has laid a solid foundation. We also know that everything is the best, only better, so we will not be satisfied with the status quo - we will take the current cornerstone as a new starting point, and then climb a new "peak"!
"Talent" is the primary factor for the development of an enterprise. While developing, the company also pays attention to "talent introduction" and "talent cultivation". Since its establishment, the company has invested over 1 million yuan in talent introduction and cultivation.
At the same time, the company also wants everyone to enjoy themselves. "Happy work, build a harmonious team" is our company's management goal. In order to make the company colleagues harmonious coexistence, into the "we are a family" work philosophy, every quarter the company should organize staff training or outdoor activities, in order to enhance everyone's "unity, friendship, mutual assistance" spirit.